Our Story

ELLE + RILEY is a New Zealand designed cashmere label designed by Auckland based Mother and Daughter duo Yolande Ellis and Elle Pugh.  

Elle + Riley is a brand that incorporates style , affordability, quality, contemporary cashmere for men, women, children, our pets, lifestyle  +  travel. 
Our diverse lifestyle in New Zealand means we are often out on cool mornings and love spending evenings outdoors where we still require warmth even in the height of summer.

To cater to this we offer ‘The Riley Collection’ all year round  which has all the luxury essentials for your everyday wardrobe where we introduce new colours and styles on a regular basis.  In addition we concurrently run two campaigns a year to capture the summer and winter moods with on-trend pieces.

Timeless. Understated. Beautiful. And now, affordable.

Elle + Riley




We have chosen to partner with several  entities.  We work with the oldest cashmere houses in Scotland, Shanghai, Beijing and soon to be Nepal. Our partners deliver yarn mixes combined with the latest technology.

Our Scottish manufacturer has over two hundred years of tradition and expertise and outstanding craftsmanship.  They source only the finest raw fibres available. They are especially concerned with the preservation of traditional craft skills and do our utmost to ensure the conservation of these special, and increasingly rare, skills.