About Cashmere

There are not many words that can conjure an immediate feeling, but cashmere is one of them.

It is no surprise that cashmere denotes softness and warmth. As one of the most luxurious natural fibres in the world, it has earned its reputation.

The finest yet most durable fibres are combed from the underbelly of goats who reside primarily in Northern China, Afghanistan, Mongolia, and Iran.

It takes the hair from two of these goats to produce one sweater, as each goat only produces approximately 150 grams of cashmere each year. And once this soft hair is combed from the goat, there are 26 processes involved until the final product is ready.

The lustrous quality of cashmere can be attributed to the extreme weather conditions these goats endure from over 40 degrees in summer, to -40 degrees in winter. It seems Mother Nature was onto something.

Warm and soft, light and strong, cashmere is easy-going luxury that will last a lifetime.

Elle + Riley Cashmere designed in New Zealand.