Elle + Riley Father's Day || Sid Sahrawat

This Father's Day we celebrate some of our amazing Elle + Riley Cashmere family.

We sat down with some of our favourite New Zealand Dads, asking them what Fatherhood means to them.


Sid Sahrawat || Chef + Restaurateur and Father of 2 

Chef and restaurateur Sid Sahrawat has spent more than 10 years making his indelible mark on the Auckland dining scene as owner and executive chef of acclaimed restaurants Sidart, Cassia and Sid at The French Café.

 While Sid manages the kitchens with precision, wife and business partner Chand manages all facets of the business operations, making them a formidable team with their three independently owned, locally operated Auckland restaurants.

Sid is dad to Zoya (9), Roan (4) and Oscar the dog (20), with an extended family of 60 team members working across the three restaurants.

Sid is widely regarded as one of New Zealand's most talented and innovative chefs and has been consistently recognised with numerous awards and accolades over the years including the Metro Peugeot Restaurateur of the Year (2019), with Sidart in Ponsonby recognised as Cuisine Magazine’s national Restaurant of the Year (2019).

Sid wears the Harrison V Neck in Camel


Favourite things to do with your kids?

Bike riding at our local park, taking my son to soccer, going out to eat as a family so they try new dishes and cuisines.

Best piece of advice your father ever gave you

Only expect people to do what you would be comfortable doing yourself.

The one thing you want your children to learn that you didn’t

Swimming, I never learnt as a kid and it’s such an important life skill to have especially when you live on an island.  I also want them to have a passion for reading something.

What have your children taught you?

To relax and let go… so many times recently have been very stressful but to just watch them run around without a care in the world has been refreshing and relaxing. They force me to forget the world and play monopoly or uno.



The most important thing you personally have learnt since you became a father

To expect the unexpected from your kids... from losing all your averseness to anything gross when they are babies to now when our four year old son surprises us by doing complex math word problems or using the iPad more deftly than I can. They surprise you all the time.

One piece of wisdom to pass on to your children

Love yourself before you fall in love with someone else. I hope they grow to be the best versions of themselves and love who they are and therefore find partners who love them for who they are.

What’s the one thing your father would let you do and not tell your mother about? 

When it was time to come home from playing cricket in the neighbourhood, I would make a fuss and he would let me have an extra half hour but tell my mother that I was running an errand for him or at a friend’s studying. He let me get away with it because he thought sports was important.



Elle + Riley Father's Day || Andrew Mulligan

This Father's Day we celebrate some of our amazing Elle + Riley Cashmere family.

We sat down with some of our favourite New Zealand Dads, asking them what Fatherhood means to them.


Andrew Mulligan || Broadcaster and Father of 2 

Andrew has been in broadcasting here in New Zealand for over twenty years. His career started back in his University days as host of Otago University's now-infamous Cow TV and over the years worked his way through to SKY where he currently hosts a week nightly sports show 'The Crowd Goes Wild'.

His passion for broadcasting was cemented at a young age with both his Mum and Dad working in Radio for the iconic Radio New Zealand. Radio is still very much in Andrews blood as alongside TV, he presently co-hosts The Morning Rumble on The Rock.

Living in Auckland with his wife Emma and sons, Cooper (6) and Miller (1), any downtime Andrew gets is spent hanging out at home with his family.

Andrew wears the George Crew in Grey


Favourite things to do with your kids?

Sport.  Playing it, watching it, talking about it.  I grew up in a big sport household.  My dad had almost every All Blacks test match on VHS and we would watch them all together.  For me and my boys it’s Basketball.  From playing NBA2K on PlayStation with my eldest Cooper, to shooting hoops in the backyard, even my almost 1 year old is down for some ‘roll the bball down the corridor’ action.  Coop would curl up on the couch with me and watch the Michael Jordan documentary, although his outtake from that series was that he now loves Scottie Pippen….?!

Best piece of advice your father ever gave you?

Bring the wood inside to dry first.  He was an avid tramper.  Him and his university student mates built a hut in the Orongorongo Valley in Wellington, and it stands to this day.  Not 100% sure what he means by that advice but it’s stuck with me.

 The one thing you want your children to learn that you didn’t.

Patience is a virtue.  My wife will agree with me on that one…..

  Andrew wears the Asher Crew Neck in Khaki and baby Miller is obsessed with our Archie Baby Blanket in Grey


What have your children taught you?

What it is like to be a kid again – the joy in the small things.  I love the way my kids look at things and simplify them.  They keep me grounded and remind me of what really matters in life.

One piece of wisdom to pass on to your children.

Don’t put off till tomorrow, what you can do today.

 What’s better – a good ‘dad bod’ or a good ‘dad joke’?

Good Dad Bod although I think I personally excel in the dad joke arena.

What is your dream way to spend Father’s Day?

My ultimate day would be a morning up the mountain snowboarding with my family, followed by an afternoon in front of the fire playing NBA2k on the PlayStation with my eldest son Cooper.  Sleep in.  A big old sleep in.


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