Elle + Riley Father's Day || Sam Jenkins

This Father's Day we celebrate some of our amazing Elle + Riley Cashmere family.

We sat down with some of our favourite New Zealand Dads, asking them what Fatherhood means to them.

Sam Jenkins || Entrepreneur and Father of 1 fur baby

Sam Jenkins is an ex-professional footballer having played for New Zealand at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. His playing career spanned across New Zealand, Germany and the US. After retiring young from football he worked in multiple corporate roles in New Zealand and London before settling down in Auckland in 2016.  

Currently, Sam works as the Head of Product for award-winning tech start-up Whip Around, and as General Manager of menswear subscription business, Asuwere. 

Sam and his fiancé, Elle became proud parents of their son and fur baby George in January 2020. He now lives in Ponsonby and if he’s not spending his time adventuring with these two he can be found working on his golf game at Muriwai, as he secretly harbours ambitions of one day making the professional ranks on the senior tour.


Sam wears the Spencer Sweater with Zip in Black


Favourite thing to do with your fur baby?

My regular afternoon walk with George around Westhaven whilst listening to a great podcast.

The best piece of advice your father ever gave you?

Dad always drummed into me the value of a good work ethic. Being a top sports coach he would often talk to me about how hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard. This lesson has been paramount to all the success I’ve had firstly in sport and now in other areas of my life.

Best Movie or TV Sitcom father and why?

Without a doubt, it would have to be Newport Beach’s finest Sandy Cohen. Whether he’s dispensing heartfelt fatherly advice, setting up those around him to win or preparing a bagel breakfast, Cohen nails being a great father and husband.



What’s the one thing your father would let you do and not tell your mother about?

He would help me with my homework (sometimes he would even do some of it for me) so I could spend more time on the football field or in the cricket nets.

What’s better – a good ‘dad bod’ or a good ‘dad joke’?

Our CFO at work is not afraid to regularly drop terrible ‘dad jokes’ so I would have to side with a good ‘dad bod’ on this one. Especially when the dad is truly shameless and embraces it!

What is your dream way to spend Father’s Day?

Unfortunately my dad passed away in 2005, so my dream would be to be able to spend just one more fathers day with him. Since that isn’t possible it would be spending time with Elle and George, as well as plenty of facetime with my Mum who’s done an incredible job being a solo parent for my sister and I over the last 15 years. If I could be half the parent she's been to me then my children would be so lucky.