Elle + Riley Father's Day || Graham, Andrew + Ollie Wall

This Father's Day we celebrate some of our amazing Elle + Riley Cashmere family.

We sat down with some of our favourite New Zealand Dads, asking them what Fatherhood means to them.


Graham, Andrew + Ollie Wall || Wall Real Estate 

 Graham and his two son’s, Andrew and Ollie, are the family behind New Zealand’s most exclusive and premium real estate business. The trio sold the most expensive home in the country in 2018 amongst many other records at the higher end of the residential property market.

 Graham didn’t start his career in real estate until he was in his fifties and on a similar track his sons joined the family business after careers in art and advertising.

 The Wall family enjoy being able to spend time with each other both professionally and personally – especially now there is a third generation to add to the mix in Andrew’s son Teddy.


(Left to Right) Andrew wears the George Crew in Black, Graham wears the Spencer Sweater with Zip in Black and Ollie wears the Asher Crew Neck in Khaki.


Favourite things to do with your kids?

Graham - I love it when we are working on a deal together, especially out of town like Queenstown or the Bay of Islands – we just have so much fun!

The one thing you want your children to learn that you didn’t.     

Andrew - I wish I had learned how money worked. Dad was great at teaching us the value in working for things and setting goals but Teddy will know how the system works. 

Best piece of advice your father ever gave you?

Ollie - Dance with the girl you came with.  Not as exciting as it sounds, but basically it’s about loyalty and sticking to your word. 



What have your children taught you?

Graham - They’ve taught me tolerance, and that almost everyone is really interesting.

Best Movie or TV Sitcom father and why?

Andrew - The late great Jerry Stiller, as Frank, George Costanza’s dad in Seinfeld. Eccentric madman.

What’s better – a good ‘dad bod’ or a good ‘dad joke’?

Ollie - I’ve been practicing dad jokes for many years and recently working on transforming my neatly chiselled physique to that of a dad. So in short, I have a high regard for both. 


The most important thing you personally have learnt since you became a father

Andrew - I’ve learnt that patience is a virtue and every minute counts. Even when things are hard, they’re still good. I guess it’s just being grateful and I’m so happy to see the world from Teddy’s perspective!

One piece of wisdom to pass on to your children.

Ollie - The world is like a mirror... put out the good stuff and that’s exactly what you’ll get back. 

Did you ever think you would end up in business with your kids?

Graham - Not for a moment, but it is like winning the lottery, twice, every day.